Enhanced Growth Fund

Key Reasons to Own the Fund

  1. This Fund is for that portion of a client’s assets that are invested for significant capital appreciation.
  2. The earnings investment discipline used in the Fund has produced the highest historic back-tested returns in both Canada and the United States.
  3. The investment process provides systematic exposure to companies that will report positive earnings surprises.

Investment Strategy:

WAM has done extensive research on which quantitative factors are signals for significant stock-price appreciation.

WAM has found the primary quantitative factors that produce significant stock-price appreciation are directly related to positive earnings surprises.

Investment Process:

WAM follows a database of 3,000 stocks in North America which includes the United
States, Canada and American Depository Receipts (ADR’s).

This database is ranked based on the highest scores from the following criteria:

Generally, only 30 to 50 of the best ranking stocks are selected.

To reduce the Fund’s volatility, WAM diversifies the portfolio by industry, geography and market capitalization.

The Fund's stock positions are continuously monitored. Stocks are sold immediately if any of the following occur:

The database is also continuously monitored for new companies that exhibit better earnings characteristics than those currently held. These new companies can replace existing positions.

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Webb Asset Management Enhanced Growth Fund Fact Sheet


Webb Enhanced Growth Fund
FundSERV codes A Class WAM101
F Class WAM201
Advisor Trailer Fee1% on A Class
0% on F Class
Asset ClassNorth American Growth
Risk Tolerance Moderate to High
Distribution ObjectiveAnnually (if any)
Geographic ExposureNorth America including ADR’s
Portfolio ManagerDerek Webb, CFA, MBA
Inception DateJanuary 2008
Minimum Initial Investment$2,000
Subsequent Investment$1,000
Management Fee2% on A Class
1% on F Class
Performance Fee20% only when the NAV is at an all time high vs. the Benchmark
Benchmark 40% 60% S&P/TSX Preferred Share
40% MSCI World High Dividend
20% S&P/TSX Composite Bond
RSP EligibleYes


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