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Why the decline in the Enhanced Income Fund in 2011? "...we are not dipping into capital. We continue to generate significant cash flow. This same thing happened in 2009 and proved to be a great buying opportunity for the fund."


WAM in the newa! BNN, Options and Technical Analysis, European and other Market Moves Professional analysis by Derek Webb, Director and CEO, Webb Asset Management. December 1, 2011

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June 2011
Low Inflation, Not!

May 2011
Northwest Quadrant

April 2011
High Grading

Click here to listen to Derek speak about "High Grading" (mp3)

March 2011
A Premium in Hand is Worth More than the Market’s Return

Click here to listen to Derek speak about "The Bubble is in the Bond Market" (mp3)

February 2011
A Performance Fee or not? That is the Question

January 2011
Generating Cash is King


December 2010
Getting Back To Even

Click here to listen to Derek speak about WAMfunds Back to Even - mp3

November 2010
A 'Real' Income Fund

October 2010
The Risk of Bonds

September 2010
Getting Paid to Hedge

August 2010
A Bull in the Land of Bears

July 2010
A Bull in the Land of Bears

June 2010
The Luster of Gold

When the World is Upside Down
May 2010

April 2010
Advantages of Options Writing

March 2010
Back to Normalcy

February 2010
Winter Olympics - Go Canada!!

January 2010
The Tortoise and the Hare


December 2009
A Decade of Chaos

November 2009
Yield, Yield, Yield

October 2009
The Decline of the USA

September 2009
Geese in the Engine

August 2009
The Bull Market Ahead

July 2009
Three Phases of the Bull Market

June 2009
Example of a Buy Write

May 2009
The Surfer and the Tsunami

April 2009
A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

March 2009
The End of the Bear - Stopping 'Mark to Market'

February 2009
Elevator Still Going Down ?

January 2009
No January Effect this Year


December 2008
Are Fundamentals Starting to Matter?

November 2008
The BCE Bomb

October 2008
Fundamentals? Phooey !!

September 2008
The Great Liquidity Crisis

August 2008
Ominous Clouds

July 2008
Are Shorts Oversold?

June 2008
The Earnings are in the Commodity Stocks

May 2008
The 'Mad Max' Portfolio

April 2008
Is the USA Entering a Recession?

March 2008
When all your Profits are from Short Sales

February 2008
The 'Haves' and the 'Have-Not's'

January 2008
Volatility – Friend or Foe ?

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BNN (Business News Network) Howard Green speaking...

"...but fear not, major banks have arranged a three-month liquidity dance step to provide U.S. dollars to European banks to keep them on the dance floor."
–Howard Green

Hedge Fund Panel
BNN Hedge Fund Panel, including Derek Webb, Director and CEO, Webb Asset Management.
September 15, 2011